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Neelima Vinod is an experienced teacher, writer, and editor.  She has written two books- an eBook fantasy and a book for students who are moving out of the campus to the corporate world.  Right now, she is working on a fantasy Novel.  Read Full Bio...

What Parent's Say on YAP

  • It was just beautiful when my son came out beaming from his first session…he was waiting to be a part of it the next day too! At the end of both the days, he told me that if he had missed it, it would have been a great loss. To inspire a ten year old boy to say this is no easy task. I am a happy mother today    

  • The Young Author Program was extremely helpful for my daughter, Ishmita, as it helped her improve her ability to think and write from different perspectives. It also helped her in describing each character and plot in detail. I also noticed that the workshop has made her contemplate each situation and write with in-depth analyses. Neelima has been very patient explaining each aspect in detail. Her passion for books has helped ignite the spirit of writing in my daughter

  • The Young Author Program was a great workshop and my daughter gained a lot of valuable inputs through the whole two-day interaction! Would be happy to be part of next one