A ‘guru’ teaches levitation


I’ll teach you how to fly


Leave me

The I

The fulcrum

Part in your brain

Do not question

We are all fakes

Don’t you agree?

We genuflect

The genuine

But really

We are a sum

Of parts

And one part

Says that if you

Shut your eyes

And go within

You can levitate

With me,


Find the Persian carpet,

The soft threads

Of an ancient past embedded

In the crown of your cynical head,

Touch it, experience the softness it brings,

The possibilities, so many!

And after feeling,

Anti gravitate, meditate, levitate

Fly, fly, fly



You can’t?

What did I tell you?

Be leave

Bereft of doubt

Of cause and effect

One neuron to the other

Cynicism is something you leave

to snow peaks

or the newspapers.

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