The Argumentative Indians raising TRPS

I am Anna

Anna is India


Now doesn’t that sound a little fascist to you

Remember Hitler and the Jew?


Sophistry the snake

He is a soldier with a dream

How many dreams can you kill?


A soldier, that’s the point,

Plus he’s, dare I say it, a majority man

With gumption,

Isn’t  that divisive?


The majority the python

Keep them in check

Leave them to their rituals

Cynics must be shot.


Flag hysterics

La La La Vande Mataram

Camus where are you

Depict this absurdity


Well there is Roy.

What about

India is Indira

Indira is India?


Yes, it’s happened before

Yes, the winds of change are sweeping.

Cobwebs, how many spiders jump at you?

They bite

Let them be.


Incy Wincy spider

There are voices

In the papers, screams,

We read about.

These are voices too

Listen, they are fed up

Bloated with unhappiness

With grease, look how they drop things

Their happiness, their morality,

To stand in queues, to buy certificates,

Look how guilt is sponsored.


Look at the emptiness in the collective Indian soul.

The middle class Indian soul.


Isn’t that a soul as well?


Can you silence a tax payer’s grief?

BPL grief is free, so is guilt.


Silence is a gift

Call a mediator who knows about that.

Quieten the mind

Ignore the maya

The war mongers, the hardliners, the Gandhi upstarts


So many of them these days-either called Gandhi or unfashionable like him.

Om shanti Om.

Post Script: Read here for a balanced commentary:

Rajdeep Speak

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