Still Applicable

I think I put this one in facebook once…that was in July when I was still contemplating whether going live with poetry made any sense.

Things will not change that easily.



Another Mumbai carnage


Please be calm

There’s some blood

And a limb and a brain.


Don’t panic

Water cleans

Things are hidden

Doers dissolve.


Anger is a negative emotion

Please stay calm

Don’t come out into the streets

Or quit india

Or do your silly candle ritual

To prove a point when really

You are on the wrong side of the fence.


Stay calm


Breathe in

First through left

Then out through right

Repeat the exercise

Throw in an om

Think of a god

Light a lamp

In your home

Behind curtains



If you feel.


I’m amazed that you still

Feel at all.


© neelthemuse,2011

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  1. That is brilliant – harsh and honest. It reminds me of the best of British First World War poetry: “Remember me to God/ And tell him that our politicians swear/ They won’t give up till Prussia’s rule’s been trod/ Under the heel of England…Are you there?/ Oh, and the war won’t end for at least two years/But we’ve got bags of men…” (Siegfried Sassoon)

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