The Compulsory Blog

My question today is blogging consistently a liability? Something that you force yourself to do- like digesting your food everyday? Is it an act of force, a doing so aggressive, it becomes like homework?


The thoughts walk like soldiers,

I pick up the words on people and dreams,

Arrange them, almost regulate

The daily grind into verse or worse.


Mr Creator

How do you do it then?

Day in and day out,

Consistently the chaos,

Consistently the patterns,


You kaleidescope maker

Be my muse!



© neelthemuse,2011



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  1. It’s a good question. Is the artist creating worlds in his own image, and is that hubris? Not if you can travel through yourself to another world.

    Those who blog as afflicted by amoebic dysentery are another matter like those who talk to fill the silence.

  2. Amoebic dysentery! That’s an interesting idea Simon…..guess if blogging has to be successful there has to be a certain kind of gimmick attached to it….still trying to figure that one out…..

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