The 10 things

This is not a poem…’s a question….have you ever thought about the ten things you want to do before you die?

Has it occurred to you that perhaps those things are not so important as you think? You just hold on to them like fantasies but never go that extra mile to get there.

Here are some answers I heard about from a friend. I’ve rewritten some dreams as they were far too quirky and private to write about. Just goes to show how different dreams can get, as different as the genes in our bodies……


Date a model

Have a family and a house


See my country win the World Cup

Build an orphanage


Talk to the  wife more often

Cuddle the dog


Shed the paunch

Build  the six pack


Travel the world

Take mom to the Eiffel Tower


Settle down

Write a book…..


Do you want to share any of your 10 things?


© neelthemuse,2011

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  1. I’ve never listed ten, or any number, but I know the phenomenon. Some of mine are places to visit. Last year I achieved two in Poland – visit the Bielowieza Forest and visit Auschwitz. Some of yours are quite easy for you to achieve (cuddle the dog) and others are not up to you at all, unless you’re the national football coach. For me, get books published would be one, get nearer to God another. Most of the rest are places to visit, including India: I had a long list of long-distance walking trails, but I’ve done them all. I won’t stop doing new ones, but it’s no longer a matter of “I must do X”. As a birdwatcher, though, I certainly have birds in mind I want to see before I die – for example Eagle Owl.

  2. A great, thought provoking exercise to do, especially putting the 10 Things into poetry! It’s not important whether we can or can’t achieve any of these things before we die, but that, out of all the things we could want to do, these 10 are what we want to do enough in order to think and dream about and usually this will lead to us get some of the Things fulfilled. Thank you. I’m going to get started on a 10 Things List, too!

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