The Bookish Squirrel

There is a squirrel that keeps climbing through my window…a bookish squirrel….part of a poem for this inquisitive creature…….

Knock Knock

May I come in Sir/Madam?

This is a wondrous place

With a bookshelf of wood

And books lined like soldiers

Waiting to why die with bullets?


The door is shut

But the window ajar

Just about enough of room

And welcome for me to enter

Or steal in. Your books are delightful, they make me think………….


The window?

Shut even that?

But I was starting to like the look and feel

The ambience…..


Look at you knock knock knock looking at me

Knock knock knock without the light of understanding in your

Eyes heavy with books and book covers and pages and pages

Of words and syllables and letters of thought,

Look at the way night stays in a room shut out!


© neelthemuse,2011

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  1. interesting visitor, the squirrel – feels like a potential return-visitor, with more observations about its observations 😉 i like it

    and thanks so much for stopping by & liking “Yoga is a Sport”

    i appreciate it 😉

  2. You gotta love a squirrel who loves the ambience of a room full of books. Ambience was such an unexpected word, it gave strength to the entire poem. Well done.

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