Frost: A Tribute

Came across a beauty of a challenge called the Buddha Rocks Project.

Here’s an excerpt:

Eric has a huge collection of photos on his DeviantArt site, BuddhaRocks. Aha! And now you see why I named it the Buddha Rocks Project! Rules are basic. 7 day of posts inspired by 7 pictures.

Here goes:

a temple

if words had gods.


anthems slipped out

from the road taken,


Cadence and Rhythm

housed in michigan.

© neelthemuse,2011


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  1. Woohoo!!
    Thank you SO much for joining!
    Again, I love seeing the pictures chosen and what people are inspired to do with them.
    Your lines are perfect, so well crafted.
    Yay! Buddha Rocks Project!

  2. this is an interesting challenge (i’ve finally gotten back to being able to read other folk’s work after finally uploading my first ebook 😉

    anyway, i enjoy creating images and words, and i think the image to word idea, esp for 7 days, is really good, be interesting to see what else you come up with

    esp likes, “anthems slipped out / from the road taken” – nice!

  3. the photograph choices are also poetic.
    I see personality and interest in each choice and a rush of inspiration.
    so damn cool
    Thanks for playing.
    I do it monthly, by the way 😉

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