This poem is several years old. Part of me is sentimental about it, it being an old poem that has survived this long. So a small part of it for the Buddha Rocks Project Day 2. Some poems wait for pictures.


When they thought I was unlucky

They moved me, the laughing Buddha,

A porcelain roundness punctuated by a smile…….



I have an advantage by the window-

I can see all, milk cat with a fish in its teeth,

A train of black ants follow their appetite,


My guests, innocent, coming and going,

A continuous flux. Change is then a good thing

I tell the dust of Baamiyan.




© neelthemuse,2011

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  1. “Some poems wait for pictures” – definitely!

    found that out via my 1st ebook, , “30 Year Sampler”

    i’d originally intended to have a pic or two, and ended up with 15! not including the cover!

    i feel like the buddha in your poem, “Change is then a good thing / I tell the dust of Baamiyan”

    btw, like your idea of posting an older work, it it’s good it’s good, doesn’t matter from when 😉

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