Imposition for not saying good morning

This has happened ( not the imposition but the unpleasantness of not saying good morning). A misunderstanding about pleasantries. What happens when you forget to say your hellos and goodbyes? What makes you forget?

It seems so forced sometimes, good morning.

Quite amusing though in hindsight….


good morning teacher

good morning Sister who stands ten feet away, near a chapel,

good morning neighbour who likes to say

but you look so pale on so beautiful a day.

good morning electrician who only works in the sun*,

you don’t need a torch then; mobiles aren’t bright enough at night.

good morning little girl who looks the other way most of the time

making the smile wonder where it must look, an encumbrance sometimes.

Good morning to you all and good afternoon and also a pleasant good night.

Let’s get the formalities over with once and for all.

*reference to electricians who dangle on poles with mobile phones while they try to fix electric posts using the flash light on those mobiles!(I wonder if anyone has a picture of a dangling electrician?)

© neelthemuse,2011

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  1. Some days, I’m frankly at a loss–the folks who look offended by my “good morning”; but then there are the gratifying smiles and echoed greetings–and I go on, bound for pleasantries! Thank you for your fine work–God bless you, & “Good Day”. Caddo

  2. Caddo thanks so much…..that was a poem that came out of a funny real life incident…that incidentally scripted some of my life decisions. Glad you liked it!

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