There are many ideas about the phenomenal nanowrimo. One would be that blogging about it is a way of getting a lot of traffic. Another would be that nanowrimo is topical, so obviously you must blog about it. Either way, so many writers are getting geared for this special writing project as I write this.

Incidentally, any writing idea makes me child like excited. So I’ve registered as well. Don’t all us writers do our own private nanowrimos? I did one- an enormous blog post after post of novel. Some day, some day, some day…..well I keep my fingers crossed.


It has come to this.

One two three four

Can I have some more?



Will my life do

Or my neighbour’s

Or that man on the street

Hang on, or that other one on his blog?


Characters, you people my life

Now I’m a dog off her scent

Come back and tell me your secrets.

I won’t tell.



“That’s easy enough.”

I listen through peepholes

None of my business is mine.


Now this I know,

The conflict- the potholes

In smooth marble.  I’ve slipped

And ducked almost always, almost.


Shall I start then

When leaves have disappeared in some landscapes

And rains flood others,


Shall we pour?


© neelthemuse,2011

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