This picture is soothing isn’t it? It took me to another place which is strange and shows that perception has many dimensions that we don’t really understand very deeply.


You were never out there

When we courted and walked the streets of an old city

Turned new by our love, there was a glimpse,


Magicians wave wands and curtains down!

Life begins.


You hid. My child who was good at hiding,

I searched in every nook of  every day

You outsmarted me, and one day suddenly from the crown of my head,




© neelthemuse,2011


8 thoughts on “You Leave a comment

  1. I feel like you placed this picture in the middle of the story of this poem.
    Great choice. There is one in that series where the waves are purple! its amazing.
    Awww almost makes me miss doing it.
    I’m sure NanoWriMo will cure that nostalgia!


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