Advice from a Goon

This poem is advice from a goon to young girls who wish to go out with their boyfriends, fiances or even husbands late at night. The scene is set in an urban landscape in India. A tragic event took place recently-two young men were killed as they tried to defend their girlfriends from molesters.

The question that immediately arises is why must youngsters of an impressionable age venture out when it is unsafe and alcohol can bring out baser elements. Be practical. Don’t loiter around. Play it safe.

Whose side are people on anyway?



Why must you go at that time?


Doors are shut

Love on beds

When children sleep.


I told you the world is bad.


The sun sets

Empires break

Animals our bodies.


Who are you to change the world?


Nights for knives

To slit your throat

Force out your feel.


Stay indoors boys and girls

Don’t think you’re on angrezi* shores!


© neelthemuse,2011


angrezi*: refers to foreign.


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  1. like the poem. What a tragic story! I doubt that we can convince teenagers to play it safe though, I know I didn’t listen to my parents when I was around that age. Of course, I put the cherry on top when I joined the Marines.

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