Marriage Squabble

There’s a good idiom challenge at dVerse poets especially if you have a fascination for idioms.I played around with idioms a bit about how some days marriage can seem shattered.

                                                    Photo Credit: Eric


Do a French kiss(can you?)

Instead of chewing me out

Over spilt milk, the puddle for the curious cat.

Pipe down, will you? the neighbours have ears for walls

We’ve queered this pitch damp enough,

Untie this under the weather knot, my friend.

Hit the sack,  dream, let sleeping dogs lie, die?


© neelthemuse,2011

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  1. nice…you know..i’ve seen this movie..french kiss..but until yesterday it wasn’t clear for me that a french kiss is what we germans call tongue kiss…smiles…but think it’s a good alternative to chewing one out over spilt milk…smiles

  2. Geez sounds like quite the squabble letting the sleeping dog lie and die..haha….can’t we all be happy and let the water go under the bridge..haha…fun idiom verse.

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