Talkative Ceiling Fan

                                                               Photo Courtesey: Eric

I pick up speed and dissipate

Heat that swelters rivulets in arm pits.

Newspapers acquire life when I spin

A dervish in ecstasy, what is settled rustles,

Hair oiled loosens, aromas spread, stenches disperse.

I am an occupation when television blurs

You watch me flat on your back  before your mind detours

Again for immersions and diversions, tut, tut, voyeur that I am.


and when a boy ties a rope and breaks his neck

i am an accomplice- cliff, roof top, lover’s point

a bridge with no other side.


© neelthemuse,2011

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  1. This is intriguing. The image of the ceiling fan, influencing things and remaining mostly unseen, has a lot of potential. I like “Newspapers acquire life”!

  2. Thank you Brian….I wanted to talk about suicide as its happening all the time; its so personal and difficult to judge ….suddenly the fan did the talking….

  3. Oh my goodness–I actually felt the snap. Perhaps because I have one on the same subject coming up (trying to figure out the best day to post it). Excellent, excellent work.

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