Conversation with an Anti-poet


You poets are proud.


what? me? i’m the nicest, demurest sort.

see my i is not capitalized, ego non-existent.


You whine all the time.

Read, read, poetry is a dying art,

Can’t you see the pyramids for the pastry?

Genius is in the broken line?(spoken in a whining voice)

Keep up with the times,

Goddamit! You suck!


hold your breath there,

poetry is no more epic

elegies are dead

sonnets are sometimes

lyrics are song

forms are for fans,

educate yourself.


Pointing fingers again!

Have you ever seen an artist

or a rockstar say Save the Canvas,

Save the Record industry? Get real,

Who is your latest poet’s name on my lips?

(puts his hand on his ears as though listening to my broken face)



© neelthemuse,2011

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  1. lovable guts.
    i’ll take a stab at the quesion in third to last line.
    henri rollins burned beyond recognition
    maybe i’m too damn accepting but if jack spicer were still around, i’d put 10 bucks on him liking tweeter as a concept.

  2. Thanks Louise! I couldn’t be the anti poet:)! That said I do feel that poets have to change the way they approach their craft. The poem came out of a real conversation I had with an anti-poet, and a general sentiment that the old arts are all disappearing. Art doesn’t disappear-it just evolves and poetry which was the living language at one time evolved into narrative. The minute you start thinking that poetry is dead, it means something. Would we think about anything living as dead, or almost dead, unless it had a tinge of disease? So if the art is to live, the poet has to stop worrying about whether the art exists at all- and just get into it full throttle and write poetry whenever an opportunity presents itself- and now the opportunity is the internet!!!! What do you think Louise?

  3. “Art doesn’t disappear-it just evolves and poetry which was the living language at one time evolved into narrative…” –

    yes, definitely 😉

    much the same is true in art (i like to play with words and colors) where the painter lamented the first photographers who lamented color photography who lamented digital images who lamented moving images, ipads, and iphones – which now bring us twitter (short poetry-possible passages) & images and words “and” sounds, from which poetry first, i believe, gained so much of it’s power as a “living language”

    thanks so much, really good to “hear” what you’ve expressed 😉

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