Wilderness the Mind

Call of the wild at dVerse poets! A lot of the wild side is repressed and dies into the sinister. Lives have been structured to bottle up too much for comfort.


There is a horse that can not be tamed,

Like your hair

Is your heart like that?


A man in a suit and a straight face

Looks at a child and gropes in his mind,

The people around him dream.


Tied down tiger

Tired of year after year,

Darwin, how helplessness evolves!


© neelthemuse,2011

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  1. This hits so many buttons for me, Neel! You’ll probably recognise harmony with “The Kemp Owaine Sequence”, “Spirit Mountain” and others. There are words and images here I love: the comparison of (female, long?) hair to a wild horse, “looks at a child and gropes in his mind”. Jung would have loved this poem.

  2. Thanks Simon!I’m so glad it brought to mind some of your finest! I always admire nature poets, living in concrete(now) as I do…..must read Jung…writing is mostly so subconscious.Lots of things going on at subtler levels that we’re not even aware of…

  3. Oh my, oh my. You know I’m a huge fan of yours, but I must say, that first little piece is just golden. I love the question at the end – like they are far away from the subject, so desiring to know them better. Relevant and moving!

  4. Louise I’m so moved….thank you. I’m glad the first piece worked for you. It’s interesting how different pieces affect people in different ways….it says something about each person.

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