What sort – the elegant, the sturdy, the contemporary,

Which one?


The sort where birth is facilitated and the making,

The sort where you can raise the pillows to a height, rest your head, and maybe die,

The sort that holds your dreams if they are good and rejects like spam nightmares

The sort that comforts even when you burn and twist and turn as curtains rise, signaling despair.


That sort.


© neelthemuse,2011

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  1. Oh, I DO like this one–how much for the one that rejects the nightmares as spam, & keeps the good ones? And do you have lay-away? (pun–that’s why you voted me “versatile”–har har har!)

  2. you make me wanna go back to bed… such an intimate place in so many ways…The sort where birth is facilitated and the making.. love this..you go beyond the physical…

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