Everyone likes to believe that poets and teachers despise money; does anyone? Money is a necessity like air these days and all. As far away from it we stand, the more we seem to fall into the black hole that it pulls us into. So much that most conversations turn around this, the economy turns around this, what we think of each other is dictated by this very principle- dollar or no dollar, rupee or no rupee.

We have been converted by currency.

Of course, I’m not complaining, in case you thought I was. Just stating the obvious money makes the world go round theory even if it miraculously ceases to exist on your death bed.


You know what?

Maybe we should start

keeping accounts.

A column for the supermarket,

another for miscellaneous,

what say?


Up to a point

The milk, the vegetables

The fish, the eggs.


I sulk


There’s no ledger for feelings

fleeting shadows I invest in,

touch me nots,

now you see them erect and firm,

Now you don’t.


© neelthemuse,2011

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  1. Some people like everything to be measurable and are uncomfortable with things that aren’t. Some prefer things that aren’t measurable. Money is measurable.

    It’s useful. It’s necessary. But the richest people aren’t necessarily the most loving or creative, nor the richest nations the happiest.

  2. I agree with Lauren: perfectly formed poetry defining the ledgers in our lives. No, we can choose not to become slaves to money. Maybe tabulating it in ledgers tinted by the soul-breathes of our days is a form of mastery over the filthy lucre?

  3. Neel,

    I’m glad to have gotten to know you and your poetry. Thanks for initiating contact with your comment — I wanted to be sure I checked out your blog in return, and I’m happy to see what fantastic poetry you have here!

    I’m usually not too much of a fan of contemporary poetry, but your straightforward verse is both engaging and honest (I love the line in an earlier poem about how the lower-case “i” suggest a non-existent ego).

    I look forward to reading more, Neel. Thanks for getting in contact!

  4. Yes, a ledger for feelings–but are there separate columns for negative and positive, love and resentment? And what about all those “wishing feelings”–where do we mark those down?

  5. money, as my wife reminds me, is only worth what it can buy 😉

    i see it as an exchange of energies

    and then you have your line –

    “ledger for feelings

    fleeting shadows I invest in” –

    wow, nice! thank you neel 😉

  6. And your wife tells the exact story…. people try to dispel the idea that money is important. As far I know, people who suffer financially wouldn’t say that and yet money is not the cure for all problems, it has to be managed right like any other resource. It is an exchange of energies indeed! Thanks yoga-adan!

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