Fun dVerse challenge, this one!

photo couretsey: Eric


Congratulations! My  web to yours

Professional handshake. On the  firework night remember the squeeze?


Here is your wedding gift. I don’t like her by the way,

That woman by your side; you don’t match one bit.


Have a happy married life! Cliché saves the day,

If one of us is happy, surely the other will darken as night.


Say cheese for a photo! I see you for the first time,

Love the four lettered for what it is-

Donkey’s ears.

© neelthemuse,2011

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  1. I am laughing and applauding all at the same time! Thanks for your beady-eyed view of some of our favorite social exchanges! And the illustration reminding of the dark side of the moon was most appropriate!

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