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It’s kind of cliché that dye is an attempt to elude darkness.

That apart, it’s a preparation to step backward, when your kids looked up to you

Simply because you were taller and made hot lunches for them and cleaned their rooms

And punished them when they deserved it.  Dye is also a life saver,

Liebman the archive threw this up:

I also sent the prisoners hair dye. The older women begged for it to darken the gray in their hair so they wouldn’t automatically be selected for the gas.

The women with dye look in the mirror and pretend,

Natural selection sniggers her painted lips. Players!


(Inspired by this lovely piece and Eric’s gallery picture which speaks to me)


© neelthemuse,2011

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  1. a little stunned by the line about the gas chambers, it’s juxtaposition to the beginning lines about the children really placed the value we place on the simple thing called hair dye in perspective

    we use and need so many things to enhance our lives, and aren’t (usually) in aware of it

    nice piece neel, thanks!

  2. I thought there might be a creative pun on dye/die. I have a feeling that John Donne wrote something about to dye to live and to live to dye, but that was his spelling of die!

    Dye is also a way of escaping light.

  3. I have nothing against dye at all….in fact anything that makes you feel happy in a harmless sort of way is a good thing. Was just interested in how things are used. Thanks Caddo!

  4. I remember the story of the women in concentration camps dying their hair not for vanity, but to stay alive. Powerful write, Neel! (Shame on me for missing this one earlier!)

  5. I agree with you–I’m not for a global Dye Prohibition–and frankly, I don’t know why I’m so righteously proud that I don’t dye. Must be one of my less-endearing quirks–oh well…

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