Friend indeed?

A conversation with a former professor sparked this off, coupled with doubts about how time can change equations…….


Never meet a friend of yesterday

Unless you want an end.


But I have an appointment today at four.

Then cancel.


It’s been fixed, the venue, the time.

What venue can’t be canceled? What time can not invert?


I even have the latest digicam to photograph our smile

Regret, my dear, is unphotogenic at best.


We walked many talks, we analysed the universe.

Time creates gaps, knots that fingers can’t fathom.

Turn back, my friend,

If memories deserve.


© neelthemuse,2011

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  1. Perhaps this is only true if we preserve our images of people like trophies and do not want them challenged and changed.

    It is more painful to find suddenly that something about a current friendship is not as you thought.

    Time changes equations? Like, “e = mc2 but only for the next ten minutes – can’t guarantee it after that”?

  2. Absolutely true Simon ‘can’t guarantee it after that’…..nothing can be permanent…not even how we view ourselves. Or like you said we may build edifices of friendship on very flimsy bearings because of lack of maturity/convenience, etc. Thank you for that delightful equation quote!

  3. Whoa and WOW, Neel–heavy stuff, and sad. My fave part is that regret is un-photogenic. Yeah, boy–as they say in the south. This year I tried to reconnect with some folks–only with one person, was it a successful enterprise. But that one was remarkable–made the whole crazy, exhausting effort worthwhile. Best to you, as we sprint toward Christmas! God bless.

  4. So true in most cases! Disillusionment, (is it just us who change? Or is it also our memories of how they were?) But like Caddo, now and then I reconnect with an old friend and time disappears and we pick up where we left off and it’s wonderful. So I always keep that “appointment” – but no longer with great expectations! 🙂

  5. It is so very true that we cannot meet the MEMORY of a friend from time’s past. We must greet this person within the parameters of their TODAY self!

  6. Neel, this is wonderful and so true to life. I met a friend of yesterday, many years ago, and it did end. Time changed many factors that allowed our friendship in the past, but it just wouldn’t work now…it’s okay, though, I believe in holding onto the wonderful memories that make up our life’s time line~ 🙂

  7. It’s great that the poem makes sense in real living…many times people say that poems are too far removed from reality. I think poems are like teachers that guide….thanks Lauren. Glad you are so positive about how relationships can change:)

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