Mammoth wakes up

There is talk about a mammoth being cloned. That’s when a mammoth murmered in my brain.

photo: Eric (Buddha Rocks Project)

excuse me, what is the way to the river that I once sipped

when the ice broke and welcomed?

I can’t help think that these lands were all mine

replaced now by new tapestry, civilization you call it?


stone in the earth now on top of it

water in pipes, endlessness demarcated  direction


all ways mine Then.


would like to see your dead Father smile?

what would he say when he saw you now?

disappointment  a flood


immortality lock me up in a gene

I can not grow to touch a cloud

and be chained like your festival elephant

fools resonating to drums and gods,

Extinction evolution best.


© neelthemuse,2011

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  1. There is an argument for recreating the mammoth species since it was almost certainly driven to extinction by us. Technically it would be easier than, say, mastodon or sabre-toothed tiger because closer relatives exist today. But man has driven thousands of species extinct (faster than ever right now) and whereas for some – say the only native North American parrot, the Carolina Parakeet, or the Great Auk, or the Tasmanian Wolf, the habitat is still undoubtedly available, for mammoth, as you suggest, it’s dubious if it still exists in sufficient expanses.

  2. “immortality lock me up in a gene I can not grow to touch a cloud”: what a wonderful image of a past creature’s DNA being locked up in a labratory, never to truly reach immortality.” A great deal of wisdom about our own desires to “live on …in my children….in my bequests….in my published works…in WHATEVER: how that chains us up in a cage of our own making!

  3. Very thought provoking… and so full of truth. I hope the day will never come that we succeed in trying to clone ancients creatures that roamed the earth. They would be miserable, and we would be exploiters of a time long gone. Your last line says it all!

    (Now when it comes to saving present creatures from civilization’s errors and lack of foresight, that’s another story… I hope the polar bear does not go the way of those great mammoths…)

  4. Thank you Eric…I wanted to put in a mammoth picture(you have many of those as well), but then I thought about the reader imagining the mammoth walking through landscape….and decided against it.

  5. somehow this painted some ice age scenes before my mind’s eyes.. but you go far beyond mammoths here i think, touching a general topic which leaves me with food to ponder on

  6. It’s wonderful isn’t it Claudia to think about what the world must have been before civilization, the frightening endlessness that turned us into security obsessed organizers?

  7. I’m struck by the words “tapestry” and “civilization”–interesting used in such close proximity, I doubt I’d have seen it that way.

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