Where does a poem come from?


The heart for sure, surely from some incomprehensible sadness or happiness.  I’d like to think this is what a poet would look like in an inspired state (a wonderful challenge on Indigo Spider’s Sunday Picture Press).

                                                         photo credit: Chris Bucklow


a woman looks out the window

for a darker wing, a snowflake word,

she sees how quiet

chirping etymology

Muffled by sleep.


Does he know? the man in her bed.

how she waits.


then there are gunshots

tremors unrest people on the streets agitated children

canons of yore




something comes

and she writes.


© neelthemuse,2012

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  1. Truly, the most positive way to deal with the negative acts around us so much of the time is to WRITE about it. This gets it out into the light, you know?

  2. You sure don’t write “fluff”, do you? When I come here, I have to think–not a bad thing, not complaining–just wanted to kid you a little. Thanks for being here–God bless your day!

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