Send out a prayer

There’s a very sad headline going on right now about a baby who has been severely injured. The story is hard to believe like so many stories out there that speak of human ignorance and absence of compassion. Do pray for the child, a two year old abused and battered…..


Sometimes to plunge is the easier way.

The precipice is deep, here vultures hold sway,

Down there is no cavern but an earthly embrace.

Someone swallows worlds,  takes you in,

Runs deep and sees with roots,



You are so quiet, deciding still?

I am your mother ,come.

© neelthemuse, 2012

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  1. Praying for the dear child and the present caregivers. Our Lord welcomed these little ones at His knee. We lift this child up onto His lap and into His bosom for healing and love.

  2. Oh my goodness, Neel–I’m so glad I dropped by today so that I can add this child to my prayers. Unbelievable–every “next one” of these stories is still shocking and unbelievable. But I guess that’s good thing–we should hardly want to “get used to” abuse. Poor angel–thanks for letting us know. Praying for your heart, as well–which has surely been impacted. God bless you.

  3. Thank you Caddo for your prayers….and for thinking of how it has impacted me….I don’t know if writing about these things is an act of help….what can people do to alleviate problems? We all live our own lives-is that enough?

  4. That’s part of the pain, I think–that we Can only live our own lives, and it doesn’t “feel” like enough, a lot of the time. Which is why prayer is a necessity, not a luxury, for me–and why I DO believe that writing about such things as this poor babe is definitely an act of help: some readers Will Pray. So thank you–and God bless you every day.

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