Got into a little argument about the existence of a soul mate- is there such a thing?


A little to the right, yes, can you see right there?

He’s the one- he’ll build you a dream to wake up to in the morning

And sing you a song when times are rough.


O really?

The one who will give me a reality check

Who will lecture me about leftrightcentric

When I’m in no man’s land? The one who will break me

Raw like an egg and lick the yoke of his lips.

No thank you.


I see you can not believe that such a thing exists

As two halves of the moon, or two lips in a smile

Obvious as it is, you go upstream. Look behind you

The better half exists in the flesh.


For how much?

Nothing good is free

There has to be a catch(she searches for a price tag)

Isn’t there? in everything beautiful, even life.

(She holds on to her gold chain and leaves it, as though it too must die)


Ah there is a catch, you are right there.

He is a mirror you will have to delve into.

He asks for time- how much I know not.

But time enough to look and learn the contours of his being

Time enough to lose your face in his, until you forget

Who walked into this store and asked me for a price.


© neelthemuse, 2012

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  1. I most definitely believe in the soulmate connection, even beyond this world. I feel my soulmate with me every moment of my life. The line “as two halves of the moon, or two lips in a smile” speaks to me of a perfect description of the soulmate connection – thank you for this beautiful poem.

  2. Time, dear precious time–first we must give it to ourselves before we can gift our “other-half” with even a microsecond! Wonderful poem, instructive not didactice or preachy, Neel! Thank you.

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