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I don’t know what you make of writer’s manuals and advice given to young writers, middle aged writers, the new Justin Biebers of fiction, etc. Do singers read manuals too or dancers? Me? Well I do read any kind of “Twenty five best ways to become Published” or “Fifty five reasons for Rejection”….call me curious or a waster of time. Whatever you think about advice reflects your opinion.

Today I came across two contradictory must-dos for a writer. A writer must read, and write for the exact time s/he spent reading- you know a kind of satisfactory compensation, one for the other. The problem with me is once I start reading, well I just keep reading….suddenly alternate worlds from several books enter the landscape of my brain and then writing turns into something that writers do….not me the reader, far from it.

So a book communicates………


Oh come on and start

You can’t be reading me all day

Falling into the leaves of every tree

Air, air, everywhere, of course I am green!

But is this is all you propose to do?

What? the shelves are full, your eyes  are made of reams.

You say yes and life is empty, for every thought I’ve had- a translation there

You point to racks of books digested, books ignored.


You take your eyes off of me, and see meaning condense

On every rod and cone? Kind words but aspiring writer

Keep away for a while

And pen me. I am pliable. So make.


© neelthemuse, 2012

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  1. Advice for young writer: wait.
    Advice for middle-aged writer: why are you still waiting? Ah, not ready yet.
    Advice for aged writer: die.

    I like the lines about meaning condensing. I like the rest as well!

    It seems to me that the read-and-then-write idea carries the considerable risk that your writing would be unduly affected by the style of the writer you’d just been reading. It also would be completely nonsensical for a poet depending on inspiration.

  2. I’m afraid I’m with you, Neel–opening a good book is like getting on the plane and not looking back, not even thinking, “did I turn the computer off??”

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