Last Dance

Have you ever wondered about the tapestry of images that a peaceful death can evoke? When I saw this picture

Sunday Picture Press

I thought about the sweetness of one’s last moments. It is a time of saturation when all of life’s characters do the last dance right before your eyes.


Once upon a time- it comes to me now in a rush

It isn’t so bad to be leaving. I know what you think.

Tears well up in your eyes when you see I have packed.

Journeys! what marks they make on memory. It isn’t that way at all

The sea swell in your throat is for you. Not me. I see that now, so clearly


As I lie down- there is a rush with the past, time ticks again and I see us dance

Yesterday, a song? replayed.  Thoughts suspended- the he and the she becoming

That elusive thing- the Self? The One? The only?


Enacts once more and in my mind two shadows kiss.

I will not share this joy with you- My mystery,  My going- see my pallor

In fear.  In wonder.


© neelthemuse, 2012


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  1. The one left behind DOES have the right to mourn. The one leaving does have the right to sweet memories, held close in the heart, not shared. But somewhere in between the two, both must learn to love outwardly in non-romantic ways in order to truly stay alive. Before that happens–only pallor in fearfulness.

  2. This poem was evocative for me – the memories, the final goodbyes, the little deaths and the big deaths, the literal and the metaphorical deaths. Very nicely written, Neel – I felt it in many layers.

  3. a spring day almost
    winter gone almost

    in this part of the world

    hope the world is good
    where you may be

    keep writing
    keep posting

    your words wing
    across the web

    many thanks Grace

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