Driving Instructor or if you prefer it Poetic Response


Is it just me? Or is there a case for the poetic response being slightly different?

The thing is I’m learning driving and well a poem arrives to tell the tale of being pragmatic vs being far too lost in thought…………….


You are slow Madame,  he says and turns away in shame

At his inability to convey road sense. What’s so hard in finding your way

Through clogged arterials and roads that swallow footpaths? We all stand in a line

And find our place, remember school and the way you ducked lines?

Is it so difficult to follow instructions one and then two followed by three and then four?

I must show you the door, really, you slide into things, you confuse appearances with reality


There is a car there, can’t you see? Look right, look left, will you pass the test?

You see leaves and shadow kaleidoscope mirror as you manipulate a  toy;  somewhere in the mind’s eye

A  child is learning to walk.


© neelthemuse, 2012

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  1. Yes, learning to drive at a more advanced age is truly like being a toddling child ago. You have my sympathies. I like the idea of writing a poem about this driving school; yes, I do!

  2. I must say, you are so amazing with words way beyond our imagination. I really liked your poem on driving school. Happy Driving!!!!!

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