Traffic Signal

Poverty does have a face. During my driving stint, I came across the traffic signal revelation, that fleeting second between red and green…..

A thingly woman holds a thing

A baby drugged with dreams

Gear change, the interlude chatter in the brain

What is that? An empty bottle, a ploy to ask for more,

The woman cleans her teeth with her fingers, windows are safe

Screens to hide in. She cleans her teeth again

With the cloth around her thing, a baby blanket put to use.


Release the clutch, move ahead, forget

The molecules rearranged with conviction

Be a responsible driver, be responsible.


© neelthemuse, 2012

6 thoughts on “Traffic Signal Leave a comment

  1. Wonderful descriptions here of how we ALL get momentarily distracted while driving. Other drivers really can be amazing in their idiocentricities. Wonder what they think of us?


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