Two headlines  made me think-


Woman raped by gang of five

Being violated has become so common that it is a passing fad in most papers around the world….capital and bold lettering reveal a lot about priorities. Careless driving is despicable in its own right but this poem is biased from the start.

Stop your car wherever it is you are going(home where else…what the hell are you doing?) it’s late and the world is blindfolded(help me someone!),

Stop kicking and screaming(where are your mothers? where did you come from?)- five against one is no fun  if your mascara leaks ( at home they wait) 

Down your creaking cheeks once mothered( will I then die?). Smother her and get on with it (is this then destiny, karma, what is it?), there is a ditch (rats my refuge)

Down the road for us to dump the helpless puppet in( night conspirator- will you teach me to pretend, live in death, my feet give way, i am wasted). A conquest a day mans us up, eh?

(where are the hands that kill? voice you shrill deception, what purpose did you serve but excite?  the madmen enter a new terrain, embers start a forest fire, embers start a war)

© neelthemuse, 2012

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