Angry Young Blog

I’ve been quiet lately and sometimes my blog begins to rant. I’m surprised that her voice is this strong….


Buddha Rocks

Take me, I am voluptuous (so say my Blog Stats)

I have visitors from all over the world, they come backpacking to find.

I let them Like, Comment, Commingle, Browse.

Don’t crinkle your nose and wrinkle your brows

I auction my body for my voice to be heard.


The market place is large- sell your wares!  You’ve mused me enough!

Are you in your right mind? Shouldn’t there be a How to Write and an About How to do a How to Write?

Shouldn’t there be a hue and cry? Sometimes I’m afraid you do not share me enough-

I am ignored, unsatisfied.


Where could they be my valiant subscribers?

Are they reading alternate genres?  Has their taste for poetry declined like Rome? Are they recuperating in hospital?

Do you scratch their back enough, so that they will scratch yours?

I itch, could you please tickle my blogroll, you ignoramus?

Could you please reinvent?


PS: Considering this outcry, I have decided to reinvent- what would you like me to blog about then? The odd poem and what else? This is my eighty seventh post and I think change is a good way forward. Any workable solutions are welcome.


© neelthemuse, 2012

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  1. dear Ms Muse
    your words are not a sound byte
    your words are not McFast food

    each line is crafted
    each word selected with thought and vision

    your poetry isn’t Blog robbery
    taken and pasted

    it is yours
    and your sharing is a great gift

    however kitty cats & nudity
    always attract people to a blog 🙂

    from Grace

  2. Please continue with the the poems and with a bit of discussion around them. That’s so valuable. Don’t do what some businesses do to their doom and respond to a down-turn by ditching their core business, the things they’re best at and have a loyal following for.

    I must admit, though, that having followed your blog for some time, as you have mine, I’m curious about you and would be interested by anything you felt able to say on your blog about yourself. My degree at university was History and we were taught always to interpret what someone is saying in the light of what we know about them: everyone has an angle, however truthful their words.

  3. Absolutely Simon….I’ve transferred my personality on to the blog as well….am an introvert…

    I really appreciate your feedback- I think the USP of any blog is how it connects with the reader. With books it is different- it does not matter who the writer is(or does it?- not to me anyway)

    I’m not sure what angle I have….yet. I majored in Literature and had a professor who drilled the love of Eliot in me. I read more now than I used to and my twins compel me to Become an extrovert sometimes. I will try harder to bring myself into the blog….that must be the right tonic to pacify my angry young blog:) Thank you!

  4. Well, I’m here–and I concur with the other readers. Simon has an excellent point, as does Lauren. The more we know about someone, the better we understand their writing–and the closer we feel to them (relate), the more we’re apt to come back for more. We’re not going to be bosom buddies with each writer, and 24 hours seems insufficient for all we need, and want, to do in a day–but I guess it depends on what your goals are. Speaking for myself, I’m happy to have met a small handful of folks who relate to me–and who also think I write well. Stats are like Disneyland–I wouldn’t want to live there. God bless you today–and hug those twins!!

  5. I would encourage to keep the poems coming–and maybe some photos and/or musings about what spring is springing on you there–what season of life you feel yourself in, etc.

  6. Thank you Granbee…I will try to get more pictures aboard…here spring does not exist except in February- it is hot mostly- a dry heat that makes you want to sit quietly in your little concrete apartment:)

  7. Stats are like Disneyland would make such a good blog title! I was only trying to pull your leg a little…I was hesitant about posting this poem considering that I have such a fine bunch of readers. My blog voice spoke cynically about the whole blogging motivation funda(an Indian word for thing or core of it or whatever)- what drives people to blog in times such as these when there is no time?
    I thought it would be interesting to give it a blogging perspective:) Glad you stopped by Caddo…Thanks!

  8. neel, i’ll take the # 13 comment slot 😉 and just say you should just try out what you like

    i think, myself, of the work of yours i’ve seen, your photopoem work appealed a lot to me

    but really, much of your work is interesting, so again i say, stay interested, try what you like, and put it on out here 😉

    best wishes, take care


  9. Thank you so much yogadan…. you are absolutely right about staying interested!!!!! That is the vital ingredient…great that you stopped by:) Have a nice day…

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