I want to thank all those readers who commented on the blog rant the other day. Feedback is an essential component of writing and learning. Blogging is so different from writing on the last pages of notebooks and scribbling in diaries when you don’t know what to do with your emotions. It is also different from writing for specific rates and guidelines. Again different from writing a manuscript hoping that it will get published.

In fact, blogging feels like an experiment in a lab- what are the right combinations that interest the lover of poems?

Today a sunny sad poem for you.

Do you remember the quaint poem about the squirrels– my twins actually? Then there was the strange experience I had in their school two years ago. The experience that led them to being separated into two different sections(probably why this poem is sad as well). I found this one while rummaging through my neglected MS Word files.


We sat in a circle in a tribal way

Discussing four year olds

Who need more wind and sky and fireflies.


They touch everything,their fingers want,

They cannot stay,they look like animals

Foraging, foraging.


I did not hear what the words meant,

Only felt through the patch in the sky

And space in the playground

The pinch of yesterday–

My bougainvillea-studded childhood.



As a postscript to this poem, the boys are still in separate sections but it seems to have worked out for the school(they are less naughty alone than together, obviously!) and them as well(they compensate for hours of mischief lost- at home).


© neelthemuse,2012


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  1. really nice followup, very touching neel

    i can imagine the fun (mischief) they find at home 😉

    later, if they’re still apart in classes, they’ll probably have cell phones texting & who knows what else by then!

    best wishes neel

  2. I an relate only too well to this poem about your “separated” twins, for my two children were only 18.5 months apart (by design!) girl, then boy! What one did not think of, the other did! They were quite a team and are still very close as Gen X adults, each with their own cities, work, marriages, homes and lots of interests and hobbies. Praise be. Thank you so much for sharing this time of a school separating your twin boys.

  3. I’m so happy you liked this post granbee….thank you for sharing your experience! My boys stick like glue once they come home- they are so extreme! It’s fun to watch them….:)

  4. Well, I think your sons sound wildly entertaining. Double the trouble maybe, but double the wonder, awe, sweetness and love!! God bless all you you today.

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