Falling into the Moon

I have a little Facebook Group called All Things Writing (of course you must join if you are not averse to FB). The idea is to spread the love of words….it reflects a lot on my twitterati finds and anything pertaining to reading and writing. While I was at it, I found a write up about how Reading slowly is Catching on.

Reading is a bit of an addiction if you ask me. As this poem presented itself, I realized how much our relationship with life and everything in it, even books, changes over time….


dive into my deep blue sea, slip disc me, tie me up into little knots

until I can not breathe.

frenetic touchgrabhold one night stand

I never asked your name.


Now a meandering stream.

We grow moss velvet on walls, we sing through pauses with our eyes

We sigh sometimes when the elusive rabbit on the moon

Rises to greet us.


Joss Burnel


© neelthemuse,2012

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  1. Neel, this is EXACTLY how involved and tied up in a good book I get! My parents used to really worry about me when I read sad things!

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