Dreaming of Ghana

What do you do when Theroux and Pico

Set their geographic compass in you?

Traveling has been part of my childhood- I traveled home from the Persian Gulf to India. So vacation has always been about returning to a place that is your own, a landscape, a set of smells, that defines where you are from and how you should act.

I’ve always lived on the outside. Isn’t it strange to go home and find ways to make it your own?

My husband went to Ghana the other day, a long long flight from India. He has a strong sense of home as he grew up mostly in one house that still holds memories and the people he loves.

I wondered what Ghana would mean to someone like him who suddenly transported himself to faraway climes…so here….

Ghana Coast


There were a thousand thoughts on the way to the airport and checking in,

Then the sky.

The arrival a warm gush of heat, nothing in the head but new.


Like childhood playing football on a beach-sand ripples their chests,

A woman approaches or a wave?   free tonight? she parts her lips and smiles,

Her body opens like a flower- yesterdays cease to chatter- a shift of dialect.


© neelthemuse,2012

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