Blog while traveling?

I’m on a long vacation…..and my blog has been pestering me….my blog or that inner part of me that must speak? I was in a part village-part town- internet access was impossible. It is the place where I studied during my university days- a green, green place studded with birds and dotted with ancient men, women and trees.


So this is the landscape that settled within?
Come and visit me more in my dreams
monotone- come and visit me more
When repetition is urbanity, when I trip and fall
and think that no way out is in.

Love was just a place
after all- a palm frond floating in a green pond, lichen
steps touching a god, all stony paths reaching the heart
(you did beat after all?)
a malleable muscle that ignites with memory.

© neelthemuse,2012

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  1. “my blog or that inner part of me that must speak?” – you must’ve made them “one” it seems 😉

    “a malleable muscle that ignites with memory” – nice!

  2. Wonderful free verse here on traveling without the internet and without blogging! Your heart is still very much beating!

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