Spaced Out

Yes, I admit I’ve been on the move quite a bit and now am back home. Is traveling without continuous access to technology a good thing for a blogger of poetry? Bad and good- as poems have to come out of zero expectation. At least for me….


when I wake up someone is not in the  room

the birds have changed colour, the clock reminds of different chores

upside down is right side up. whichever way I look maps pour out the sea


clowns then time

they juggle memories

they shift the man in your head

the conviction that you recognize

me, I, mine.


© neelthemuse,2012

6 thoughts on “Spaced Out Leave a comment

  1. I was surprised by the line “clowns then time” and think I don’t understand it but find it slightly disturbing (may be a good thing). I was fascinated by the poem as a whole.

    As for the question – I hate the idea of being in constant touch with your ordinary world while travelling. We all need to escape that world from time to time, and without that, our poetic streams may dry up. It does mean, though, that regular visitors to your blog wonder whether you’ve stopped blogging: it’s worst if they don’t follow the blog but have formed the habit of checking it out from time to time: then you may lose them. But no doubt where you are as where I am, police advise not to blog that you’re going away. Someone viewing your blog may be a burglar!


  2. If I had made it The clown then time, it would sound absurd….don’t you think? Must rework the whole thing….

    Oh dear! I hadn’t thought of the going away bit being so provocative….thank you Simon for your advice…..


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