I’ve been thinking a lot about poetry and how it should be published. As part of that thinking I’m hoping to post some interviews by fellow bloggers and poets on their views about what poetry blogging implies.


Have you ever had a poem that you really love as though it were your child? The kind of poem that you would rather keep to yourself than share? I’m sure each of us has one or even several such poems that we reserve for a later date. Over time those poems are gaps that are waiting to be filled…

I am tempted to show you to the world

But something wraps you like a present

And I can not share.


The greed that purses lips

The ego that monks trample

The full stop midway that turns question mark?


It is hard to say what happens when you drive down a road

You once saw, but now looks all tropical, differently tinted,

Neuronly differentiated, you turn into Alice in wonderland, blunderland,

And the things that you once took for granted no longer promise.

Reality no prism at all, just the VIBGYOR- every strand a cue.


© neelthemuse,2012

10 thoughts on “Can’t Leave a comment

  1. The access that I have via Blogs to poetry , photography , design , astounds me. Pleasure , mind expansion , thought tingling , so much more than I could ever source and enjoy daily in any other medium. To all , please keep posting poetry , it inspires , it caresses language.
    Grace Whiting , Canada

  2. I have never experienced so much fulfillment as when I started blogging and sharing poems several times a week out there for all to see!

  3. I have to echo Caddo and Granbee’s words in saying that I have truly loved and learned through this blogging experience of sharing my poems…Not only has my blog grown, but I have, too, in learning more about poetry through reading others work and through comments I’ve received~

  4. I can’t say I have written a poem I loved but didn’t want to share. When I write it’s on the assumption that I will share. I can be nervous when the poem means a huge amount to me, that it might be dismissed, but sharing has made me confident that even if this happens with one person or group, it won’t be the common reaction.

  5. Very true Simon….sometimes I think the poem could grow into something else, so I hold on to it a bit more hoping that it will happen. Blogging really challenges one’s beliefs- sometimes what I hold dear is not necessarily the ‘popular’ idea.

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