Oh so it’s the other way round?

Natural calamity is hard to understand- it turns perceptions upside down. You must have seen the footage of the tsunami-struck Japanese dock that migrated to the Oregon coast. If you haven’t, you can read about the traveler dock here. For me the theatre of the absurd is very much life on earth.


You the barnacle studded dock

could withstand extreme distance and calamity- the soul indeed,

 the unweathered thing, Shakespeare’s beacon in the tempest.

You were stoic. You let vegetation beard you like a sage turned tree.

You listened to the adage go with the flow. You went.


I disappeared in the wave- alive the elements,

they always were, weren’t they?

And we were always dying.


© neelthemuse,2012

4 thoughts on “Oh so it’s the other way round? Leave a comment

  1. Wonderful accolade to that dock traveling across the Pacific! Yes, we were always dying since we drew our first breath. Let us breath deeply of ALL of life while we have it!


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