I was lucky enough(considering how little I watch movies) to watch a brilliant movie called No Man’s Land  a few days ago about a man stuck on a land mine.

Yesterday a little girl in India  fell down into an open borewell and died. It’s the Indian version of the land mine. More on that story in this link.

Here’s a thought about what the search for water  could imply.


Water water everywhere

I’m paid to bring out a river- a trickle, a promise from the centre of the earth.

Water water everywhere( the sea stretches his limbs to the horizon)

Doesn’t always happen though,

the elixir eludes sometimes  and the soil stays parched like lips,


Water water everywhere(the ocean rises like an angry finger and we all fall down)

I pick up my equipment and leave behind signatures in the soil.


I didn’t know

I thought Water water everywhere, 

I didn’t know that  I was paid to be a grave digger,

that too.


© neelthemuse,2012

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