Dirty Dermatologist

Well a poet can rant (remember hair fall?). I read somewhere that the creative process is really about how well you can express your likes and, in equal measure, your dislikes. It so happened once upon a time that I got a free voucher from a beauty salon cum skin clinic. When I went there, I was given a few free services and then along came a doctor with exorbitant zeroes falling out of her mouth. She was doing her job- advising me to clean up my skin for huge sums of money.

I was like a school girl plainly ripped off by quacks and mad enough about being ripped off to write a poem.


I can turn you into a frog- with a stare,

How sorry I feel for your collagenic despair!


The literary sort, are we?

Then do you know what fairytales are about?


The witches, the wolves, the vampires

Turning you to gore, to grime?


How do I break your heart this time,

And tear you apart… How do I drink your blood?


I say the magic words ,of course- You have no Glow,

See how you go into your purse( even you! even you!)


A bubble of power rises in my lipstick

As I follow your fingers to the zeroes.


PS: I never did follow the quack advice though- I don’t think anyone should resort to any kind of skin treatments without doing proper research and consultation. Read this link to understand how important it is that we understand the complete implications of treatment. Most of the time, packages are thrust upon unwary customers. Nothing is free- so beware of anything that comes in such a guise.


© neelthemuse,2012

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  1. “I say the magic words ,of course- You have no Glow” –

    that pretty well nailed it 😉

    nice link in your postscript too, thanks neel!

  2. neelthemmuse you have amused me this morning not rouged or abused
    abbra cadabre nor more looking like a cadaver for you
    just pay thru the nose
    yes , ponce de Leon and Elizabeth Arden
    snake oil
    your beauty shines without the zeroes neelthemuse

    grace sending greetings

  3. So blessed am I to have been taught this in early childhood by VERY wise elders! Thanks for the very effective poetic reminder that plugged so well into my own reactions about “beauty treatments” almost all of the time!

  4. As always grace, am so happy to see you comment:) There’s nothing wrong with charging your patients- though the money should be charged in all fairness….

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