Most of the time, we read about writers who are struggling or making it. There are a few really successful names- the rest want to be there or write knowing that they are assigned only a slice of the cake that is good enough. What happens then if you are a writer wh has been struggling- looking at all those rejection letters, pitching to obscure magazines that are out of money themselves and dreaming one day of recognition- and one day you get an opportunity. What then?


Here I am.

Isn’t this what the climb was about?


So you are used to it now? losing out,

Counting the  rejection letters,  spam damn damn. damn.


See how ice

Forms on your fingers when you see my face?


Another mountain for you to climb,

I just  keep coming.


P.S: I’d really appreciate any comments on good books that have incorporated poetry into prose, not as embellishments but as part of the storyline.


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  1. I really don’t think you could beat Alice in Wonderland when thinking of a good book that converts poetry into a prose-like flowing story!

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