The story and me

the year is almost done/ what does a revolution mean?

I am writing a novella now- fantasy and fiction intertwined. It’s been in the wings for a while. Writing fiction is very different from writing a poem. For me anyway, the poem just comes out. I don’t like to force it out but I suppose most poets can do that too. Fiction is more about voice. Until you get the right voice, the plot does not unfold.

I’ve been writing fiction for a long time but you know how it is. You write stories and then you forget about them and when you reread them, you probably have a Hemmingway or a Seth in your hands. Then you reflect on skill and rewrite.

Those rewrites may look bad as well. So you stop writing altogether and then you think hey! maybe I need to write just poetry. Which is not bad either. But one day the poems start talking to the fiction side of your brain and there is a mighty collaboration or a simple clearing of the throat.

And you think why not integrate the two?

That has been a lot of what has been going on this year.


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  1. Good luck, neel. I’m interested. I’ve just finished the first draft of a picaresque fantasy novel (think Tom Holt meets Laurence Sterne, that is, if you know who they are; if not, think something else) and am currently re-reading and amending it, trying to work out what to do with all the loose ends and clues that lead nowhere.

    What’s your novella about?

  2. Mine is a romance novella with a touch of fantasy.
    You’ve set the bar high with Sterne as your inspiration. I really think you should start pitching your story right away. Once an agent okays it, all the loose ends will come together themselves:). Good luck Simon! Look forward to reading your work as always.

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