It has been a busy time.

I had written a while ago about a story that had come about– the novella was accepted by a digital publication and is slated for release in mid February.

I will keep you updated on the release and book details.

Incidentally one of the characters of this paranormal romance set in the exotic climes of South Asia is a Poet- a South Asian scholarly versifier. That is why this book is exciting. I’ve always wanted to integrate poetry with fiction, and I’ve attempted to do just this.

More books with banana lives says Popova,

Fruits nutritious at the least but books? They overflow.

Literate many by default literary. A book in us all,

Why one? Two, three, four, a shelf rack of dreams

or more.

Some will like, some will share, while you will advertise

But wiser the eyes? Rare

like a garden settled in the heart- an antique bird frozen in time.

Though I disagree with this poem that had the audacity to pop up Now. Why? Because I dislike bananas and also because someone gains from the book, particularly she who wrote it. And hopefully you who read.

© neelthemuse,2013

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  1. You dislike BANANAS? Erich von Danicken thought them evidence that aliens had visited earth, and you DISLIKE them? With all their comic potential? With their remarkable life-cycle that involves vast shoals circumnavigating the earth?

  2. Thank you. It’s only just coming out Claire….must pick up The Wild Book. Poetic prose is the only way for a poet to write. Many writers say things like ‘poetry is not their cup of tea.’ I don’t understand that though- how can you write when you don’t have that melody in you? A writer must unconsciously be a poet…even a writer of fiction.

  3. I agree, some of my absolute favourite fiction and indeed non-fiction is written by poets, writers who practice with an open mind and are forever looking at ways to express all that is within and without.

    Anyone who says poetry is not my cup of tea, perhaps hasn’t arrived at that point yet where it speaks to them, it can be like arriving at a 10 storey art gallery without knowing that there is an extraordinary artist whose work is going to touch you inside on the 9th floor and giving up after the 2nd.

    You are right we all need to find our inner poet 🙂

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