The Book Review

It is that time of my published life when I ask for reviews.

All of us writers do that, don’t we?

How does it make you feel? Honestly?

Well I think that many writers, and I did not say ALL, are not very in your face BUY MY BOOK( though twitter is full of that, me included) sorts of people. Which is why they write in the first place. They are quiet, they have too much to say. They are simmering. Almost reptilian, if you ask me. They sit and bask in the sun all day, and say nothing- they observe ridiculous things- like the length of shadows, or a bead of perspiration coursing down someone’s forehead or elsewhere.

Then they write it all down.

After writing it down and getting it OUT THERE, as in a book, it is there turn to TALK,SCREAM, YELL about how they did it. This is defined as self-promotion. Every writer with a book out owes it to herself or himself to talk about the BOOK. Nothing wrong with that.

What is strange is asking people you know, friends and family, to BUY your book and feel all the worse for it. You understand what the frustrated salesperson feels when she knocks at your door with a sullen smile and wares that you do not need.

You think it is alright- maybe they will read. Of course they will, once you get that superb review….and then the frustrated writer waits for the Make it or Break it review that will send sales through the roof.

Maybe. Who knows?

On that note, a poem(I’ve been reading McGough and loved his sense of rhyme, so dare I try?)….

Give me five stars or four and half

Three is fair, I don’t care

Do as you will- am yours to kill

Or ignore, has happened before

Of course it has, that time when I read you Donne

Or told you about horrific King

Silly thing you said, with your nose in your books

And your eyes on ink, the world is living

And look at you. Tut tut tut in a rut

Get out and explore, open the bloody door

Come outside and see the world you choose to flee

But outside tis the same, the people in their games

The rats in their race. I will write a book that you can like

or strike off. Deflate my ego, it must be gone anyway

You- the mountain I climbed, take it away that sense of self

The me that sits on your bookshelf

Tear her apart, pull her down, teach her a lesson of the highest crown

So that the next time she puts her finger to the key

She won’t dare appear in any guise, except surprise surprise

Five star and a half, no gaffe please!

Which brings me to the obvious- my ebook, a paranormal romance  ‘Unsettled’ is out at the Indireads Store. I look forward to your feedback and reviews, most of all your encouragement:

 © neelthemuse,2013

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  1. Nice poem Neelima! Those reviews, whew! 😉

    I’d read somewhere, don’t know how accurate, and gor what it’s worth, that 3 star reviews are being considered as negative. 🙁

    Got a kick from your Pre-poem intro too :

    “they observe ridiculous things- like the length of shadows, or a bead of perspiration coursing down someone’s forehead or elsewhere….” – and had flash images of those elsewheres – noses, beer bottle, etc 🙂

    Good to see a post from you again, hope all is well

  2. Hey Adan! Thanks for letting me know about the three-star…I’ve been a bit busy lately….but still immersed in reading and writing:) Hope you are doing good….

  3. I don’t think 3 stars is negative – on Goodreads anyway it means you liked the book, but 4 stars means something really stood out about it.

    A couple of days ago, a yoga teacher friend I know told me about a book she has been reading that really spoke to her and the title read F**k it! Which in fact is another version of Nike’s now famous quote ‘Just Do It’ and I think this applies to those of us wanting to get out there and write and publish etc. It took me way too long to get out from under the shadow of approval of friends and family. If nothing else, a blog tells you who is interested or likely to be interested in what you write – and I may be wrong, but friends and family aren’t usually the main audience.

    Until one’s name becomes known then it’s necessary to write, have a facebook page, join supportive writer’s networking forums (like and learn from those who have succeeded.

    Keep writing your excellent poetry and anything else you are inspired to write and the readers will come, then they will look for your book because they appreciate what you write.

    By the way, you’ve got some excellent reviews! Pay it forward 🙂

  4. Thanks Claire! Am very happy that you have given me such valuable advice….have to move away from the known to the unknown..that is what Unsettled is about in a way….

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