The book launch finally happened at the Indireads Book Store and my first ebook is out along with thirty other romances!


Unsettled is  a story about a search and about love, but most of all it’s about how poetry can get into fiction if it means that much. This is one reason I wrote this story. Now all that’s left is for you to read it.

Go to http://indireads.com/unsettled and read of course!

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  1. Neelima –

    I lost internet connection some days back and have just got it restored – hence the delay in starting on your book. Today I’ve been attacking the vast heap of unread e-mails. Tomorrow is another day.


  2. neelima, is your ebook avail on other online outlets?

    also, wanted to say i really like the allure of your book cover, the two dark silhouettes, the sepia tone, and the red sash (?) billowing – yes, very nice 😉

    plus, in reading the “book blurb” – felt i was getting a blend of several genres in one gist, also very appealing – reading of recognizable characters in a very human relationship; set in a culture that, on it’s own, is like a fairy tale of details set in modern times!

    the indireads books “about” page says, “South Asian romance has its own unique characteristics and is very different from the western concept of romance. Drawing from the very essence of the region, our stories are representative of the modern, independent, and forward thinking South Asian of today, yet are rooted in our culture and tradition.” –

    hope to get to read your work soon; it’s been several months working through my wife’s cancer, which has thankfully resolved itself for now well, and i’ve much catching up on part two of my “Slumming in Paris”, on a new post for my blog (first in several weeks), other promised work to read, and many necessary chores –

    but i definitely look fwd to yours as well 😉

    all the best wishes 😉


  3. Really enticing cover indeed and I can’t wait to read the words within!

    Congratulations on this wonderful achievement and I hope it is the beginning of something positive and successful for you and for all of us readers!

  4. It hasn’t happened in a while that I finished reading a book in one sitting. That changed with Unsettled. I just couldn’t stop reading it – it was that compelling. the story, the narrative, the images it conjured up- loved the book. I hope to read more from you soon, Neelima.

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