Writers, Block

I happened to meet a poet one day and she wagged her finger at me, looked at me with those deep beautiful poet eyes and said Neelthemuse no posting poetry in the public domain.

That made me want to cry, honest.

Why do poets publish their poetry without sitting on them a little longer? Who knows if those hundreds and hundreds of poems that you collect might not turn into an anthology? Wouldn’t that be great?

Of course, it would.

But my fingers are trembling….

do not worry. I won’t hurt a fly

Until later, and that is far away, like a wave that says goodbye to the shore and rolls behind, behind the sun,
until until it comes again.

Anyway, I’ve been visiting promotion land. This is my facebook author page in case you want to get updates on my book ‘Unsettled’: http://facebook.com/neelimavinodauthor

© neelthemuse,2013

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  1. Well, let me say with MY deep beautiful poet eyes – actually rather narrow and not especially deep eyes: I had wide, deep-looking eyes in my youth, a little like that illustration of Blake, but too much looking at a point near the sun (which sounds more poetic than I meant it – I mean lots of looking into the distance outdoors) plus age has narrowed them without losing the vision, except partly in a purely material sense, that is, I need spectacles for some things…where was I?

    I certainly enjoyed your poetry, in a different class from much that’s posted on the internet.

    I promise to do my duty by that book!

  2. gorgeous :

    “like a wave that says goodbye to the shore and rolls behind,
    behind the sun,
    until until it comes again.”

    great effect with the repetition, neelima

    posting your poem is a sharing, and as far as i know, is still yours under copyright; all the best for you 🙂

  3. Thanks Adan! But truth be told once your poem is published on any medium, it is usually not accepted in many journals. Anthologies may have a look at them….just wanted to tell my poet friends out there about this catch 22 situation….you get readers when you post, you lose traditional publishing options when you post….

  4. very true; maybe have some work that’s shared online (and which one keeps one’s copyright) and some that is held for submissions to journals and anthologies that want first rights or exclusiveness – all easier said than done from my experience 😉 thanks neelima

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