Of Podcasts

This is a podcast of me reading a chapter from my ebook ‘Unsettled’. It is the first time I’m on audio, voluntarily anyway….unless you count the times my mom and dad taped my baby ramblings.

First you have to find a chapter from your book that says a bit but not much. You can’t be your own spoiler now, can you?

Then you have to figure out the technology behind recording the Voice.

When you do a dummy recording you realize that your Real Voice has nothing to do with your Writer Voice.

Then all the sounds that you never are conscious of come at you in amazing loudness- a murder of crows, a herd of cows, a road block of SUVs, a bus full of children….

There was the sound of an airshow going on next door. I live in a flight zone, so finding a quiet place to read your story( the cardinal rule of Podcasting) is next to impossible. I  read with my breath held in the pit of my stomach and when I was almost through,  the planes began to soar once more.

I started over.

The door knocked incessantly. The post office flooded with letters to me- mostly bills.

Then the Elevator sound. Up and down in a customary ramble all day long shouting ‘Please close the Door’, It is a Noisy elevator, with a clunking personality. The continuous refrain it spits out made speaking to my computer seem absurd.

It took me a whole day of bumbling recordings to do this…., the final edit was done at Indireads….

Just click here to listen: Chapter Reading

Luckily the Video podcast never saw the light of day. A good thing as the light in my abode has an odd way of disappearing into the walls. Plus being camera shy doesn’t help much either.


neelthemuse@ 2013

Check out my book Unsettled @ the Indireads Book Store and read it if you haven’t already!: http://indireads.com/books/unsettled



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