Muse Stop

Shut your doors/slide your windows/stand still/do not breathe/ do not count to three/ do not tell the monkey in your head to stop jumping/shaking the leaves/falling the fruit/stop/do not look back/if you do you will reach the edge/ if you do you will fall off the world as flat as your ipad/ full stop your updates/ put the lid on/ shut your mouth/ disappear

Shutting down happens a lot in the place where I come from in India. It is so normal that people stock liquor and fried chicken just so that they can make the most of these unofficial holidays.

when there is deadlock/the roads look like the 60s/and you turn passion fruit

Sometimes things have to stop, like the kid who stops halfway from entering the room before he sees the unseeable. If you write poems, you might find stopping at the doorway a good detour. That’s not writer’s block- that’s writer gin.

The poems germinate, hibernate, feel a different sun

The sun is you, the writer, and you have to grow too.  You can do online poetry courses;  buy poetry books; listen to one recording a day, or maybe write in supportive writer groups. All these could make you more poetry literate and  change the way you write your own poetry. I know there are many bloggers out there who stick to one format, one style depending on whether it works or not. But it is a great idea to grow your style by following poetry movements and reading whole books, not just single poems.

What do you do to grow the poet in you? How does your sun grow?

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  1. Well, I read and re-read poetry. But reading history and archaeology books can spark or inform poetry for me too. The sea, the hills, the sky, being alone, music, standing on a bridge…thinking about how it would be, to be a frightened young soldier, an old man in a hospital bed, a subsistence farmer, an awed explorer – all those can lead to poetry.

  2. Simon do you know any courses that teach you how to do close reading of contemporary British poetry? I completely agree that reading nonfiction can spark the muse…

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