Transience and Tigers

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The other day I came across a beautiful poem and I wanted to hold on to it. The problem is that I read these everyday poems and articles cursorily on my phone. Has it happened to you that you spend a whole lot of time reading and then after a while, you take your eyes away from the screen and you begin to wonder what was it that I read just now?

So when I read this beautiful poem and reread it, I was worried about the implications of my short term memory. The poem is about transience but I wanted the memory of this poem to stay with me. Hence the blog post.

I’m reading another elegy, a poetry book that I hope to feature here later. Maybe that is why this particular beautiful poem has caught my attention. It’s called ‘Tigers’ by Melissa Ginsburg. She wrote it in memory of her friend Erik Lemke.

It starts like this: “A hummingbird flies into a window//that looks like the sky.” You must read this poem if you are trying to write an elegy and you suddenly don’t know what to say or how to say it. The rule seems to be only do heart speak. No fact-ing.

Here’s the link to the poem entire:

I was hoping if any of you readers out there could tell me what the title Tigers means to you in the context of this poem. The poem revolves around a humming bird and the title is surprising in a way. 


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  1. Is it connected in any way to Blake’s vision of the tiger? The poet does seem to be using a powerful image versus a not so powerful one deliberately….

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